Trade X1 and what they offer

TradeX1 is an online trading firm who trade stocks across other countries and companies. Their service has premium software, they have data analysis as well as stock trading. Trade X1 was created by professionals who have years of experience, and their goal is to create a service, where people who invest the right way can become wealthy. Their support team is very familiar with the policies and details of Trade X1, as well as speaking different languages. Their managers have experience in satisfying their clients, their success has created an expansive portfolio. The managers can help you meet many realistic training goals.


If you would like to get started, there are a few steps to the process. The first step is making a demo account. Then you will create a real account. After that you download the MT4 platform, from there you can start trading. And there are are multiple accounts you can have on TradeX1.com

A micro account is designed people new to the trade industry and has a lower payment requirement to open an account than others. A standard account will allow you to make bigger investments and allow for more earnings over time. Forex, indices, commodities and stocks will be added when using this account. It also allows for more currencies including USD, JPY, EUR, GBD and more. Its a good option if you’re going to be using this service daily. A silver account will give you more features. It it largely the same as a standard account, the difference is how much your initial deposit is. The gold accounted created for the use of international trade. Clients will receive great customer care services, as well as getting advice on how and when to trade, you can trade in monetary demonetization. For example, a trade between an American and a British client would transfer the dollars to pounds. A VIP will give the trader access to all the functions available on on the TradeX1.com, and as a bonus, will be automatically entered into contests. It also gives customer support as well as a senior advisory team to help you make trades. Trades will require a minimum deposit of .1 standard lot. An Islamic account makes it so that you will have no interest and makes it easier for you an clients to trade on acceptable terms. According to Sharia law, accounts cannot collect interest, commission or rollover. There are no extra costs. This account also may sure that you are paid on the same day you request a payment.

The mobile app has a lot going for it. It can be used anytime, anywhere, to log into your account and check charts make trades and keep track of them. This allows you to not lose investments and charts.

TradeX1 is the best trading network in the world, but it has a lot of potential for those that want to use it. It allows users to trade with other currencies, make high or low investments seek an advisory … Read More

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