international business


International Business is a business activity that is carried out beyond the borders of a country. The business transactions carried out by a country with another country are often referred to as International Business. International Marketing or International Marketing is a business transaction carried out by a company in one country with another company or individual in another country. Although there are basically two meanings that distinguish between the existence of two International Business transactions, among others:

a. International Trade (International Trade)
International trade is a transaction between countries carried out in a traditional way, namely by means of exports and imports. With the transaction, “BALANCE OF TRADE” will arise “BALANCE OF TRADE”. The surplus trade balance shows the situation in which the country has a greater export value than the value of imports made from its trading partner countries. If the other conditions are constant, the cash inflows to the country will be greater with cash outflows with cash outflows to the countries of the trading partners. The size of the flow of cash in and out between countries is called “BALANCE OF PAYMENTS” or “BALANCE OF PAYMENTS”. The balance of payments that have experienced a surplus is said that this country is experiencing COUNTRY DEVICE ADDITION. Conversely, if the country experiences a trade balance deviation, the import value exceeds the export value it can do with the other country. Then on the contrary the State will experience its balance of payments devisit and will face a COUNTRY DEVOTION REDUCTION.

b. International Marketing (International Marketing)
What is often referred to as International Business is a situation where a company can be involved in a business transaction with another country, another company or the general public outside the country. Then the businessman will be free from trade barriers and import duties because there are no export-import transactions. The marketed product is not only in the form of goods but can also be in the form of services. This transaction can be reached in various ways including:

Ÿ – Licensing
Ÿ – Franchising
Ÿ – Management in Home Country by Host Country
Ÿ – Joint Venturing
Ÿ – Multinational Corporation (MNC)

All forms of international transactions will require payments often referred to as Fee. International trade with international companies is often considered the same, but the description above is indeed different. The difference lies in the treatment where international trade is carried out by the State while international marketing is an activity carried out by the company. Activities that are more active and more progressive than international trade.… Read More

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