Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is Important for the Health and Productivity of Employees

There have been many studies over the past few decades to confirm the importance of good indoor air quality. This holds true for both your home and workplace. In fact, sometimes it’s more important in the workplace because there are often a greater number of hazards that can-do serious damage if you spend a lot of time in the environment without proper ventilation. It’s the reason why services for any type of air filtration pennsylvania systems are so beneficial. Not only is it important for the health of employees, it’s also important when it comes to mitigating business risk.

There are many ways in which poor air quality impacts workers. Depending on the industry, there is a greater amount of exposure because of where the building is located. If you work in manufacturing, there’s a lot of machinery that should be considered when it comes to managing indoor air quality. Another industry that’s often problematic is construction. Even if you work in an administrative capacity on a construction site, there is sometimes a high risk of indoor pollutants due to the proximity of the building.

One of the issues that has become a factor in recent years is the fact that improved technology has strengthened insulation. While that’s a good thing in most cases, it can sometimes be the reason why chemicals and other pollutants remain in the space and are continuously circulated. This is one of many reasons why HVAC preventative maintenance is important for every type of commercial or industrial building.

There are many different negative effects of poor air quality. For starters, it can seriously impact your cognitive functions. Sometimes employees start to feel fatigue while working that might be coupled with other issues, such as headaches and allergies. These are certainly issuing that can have other causes, but there are many workers’ compensation claims that end with the conclusion that poor indoor air quality exacerbated a health condition. This is something that can lead to an increased number of employee absences as well as costly workers’ compensation claims.

There are worse case scenarios where an employee is subjected to asbestos, which can lead to life threatening diseases, such as lung cancer. It’s more often known to result in mesothelioma, which is a condition that’s caused when fibers from asbestos are inhaled. It’s the reason why there was such a significant focus on banning asbestos decades ago that continues to this day. The removal of asbestos is not only important; it’s a legal requirement. This is something that must be done by experts because improperly moving it can cause serious issues. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diseases caused by asbestos.

While there is a significantly decreased chance of having asbestos in a modern building, there are other issues that can arise. Whatever the problem may be, it’s imperative that it’s resolved as soon as possible. Employees that are unhealthy because of working conditions is a serious issue. The good news is that there is always … Read More

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