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The Commercial Tool Some Call The Jack of All Trades

While working in the industrial, commercial field, it would be nice to have one implement or tool that suited all situations, that is rarely the case. In a growing industrial field, it’s important to have a wide variety of go-to hardware to suit a job. Because of this, there is a large number of custom screws, fasteners and bolts for anyone to turn to. One thing to remember is that some fasteners or screws have numerous functions. For example, many Shoulder Bolts and shoulder screws can be utilized in many areas, from tight spots to locations requiring rotation or locking mechanisms.

What users will find about regular screws is that they have a threading present on the entire body of the screw. However, the shoulder version of bolts finds that the thread vanishes before the head, offering a smooth, round spot between the screw’s head and thread. This is what makes them useful in a wide variety of industries and fields. Because of the way they’re made, they are often used as shafts for bushings and bearings. Still others use them for a guide, axel or pivotal points.

It could be your firm needs a custom made shoulder screw or bolt option, and that is certainly not a problem for the right manufacturer. While some can be used with a regular screwdriver, still others may need a specialty tool to install and remove. Regardless, the most important point of these tools will be the same, the rivet and shaft. The make of the screw makes it applicable for a number of rotary action functions.

Now, the big question looms, who uses these types of bolts? Shoulder screws or bolts are utilized in a number of specific types of business.

  • Truck and Car Industry: Mechanics often use these handy screws in mechanical/automotive instances. They may attach gears or wheels to the system or use them as a fastener for linking parts or pulleys.
  • Healthcare: Used often for assembling parts and the maintaining of an alignment. One would especially see these bolts and screws in operations like orthopedics and surgical tool composition.
  • Warehouse Storage: Industrial/commercial firms use this shoulder bolt in stands and fixtures, as they come in a number of sizes requiring great strength and
  • Custom Molding: When custom molding is attempted, these types of tools are used to align both sides of the mold. This then allows them to open for the injection molding process before closing again. In this type of use, the screws are basically a linear guide as opposed to fastening.
  • Electronics: It’s well known that shoulder screws are frequently used to secure printer heads in a printer.

As can be seen, this handy tool should be on hand for a number of industries in a variety of uses. While you may not have the one on hand needed, many can be found online or be custom made. Large or small, in-stock or special ordered, these versatile tools can be made to any customer’s specific requirement.… Read More

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