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Using Marquees to Attract Passersby to a Charitable Organization’s Event

A charitable organization planning an event for a combination of educational, entertainment and fundraising purposes usually puts forth substantial efforts to promote this occasion. Nevertheless, the people in charge of promotion will probably not reach everybody who might be interested in attending. One way to attract passersby is to have Printed marquees that advertise the event and offer a welcoming sight to those who may want to stop in. Tents that advertise the occasion on the marquees also provide a convenient place of shelter from rain or from hot sunshine.

A company such as Dynamic Gift Promotions can customize the printing per the customer’s specifications. Certain colors can be used along with the desired fonts to convey the impression the organization wants to promote. If this group has colors associated with its activities or logo, those hues can be used on the marquee. Logos and other illustrations can be added too. The size of the text must be carefully considered, as it must be readable by the intended audience. That means it cannot be too small to be easily seen from the road, and it has to be a short enough message so passersby can quickly comprehend what’s going on. The colors should be bright and bold enough to attract attention, especially if there is a lot of advertising competition from business signs and billboards along the road.

Marketing research has found that these promotional strategies can boost foot traffic by up to 30 percent. People are often inclined to stop and check out a public gathering that looks like a party or some other fun activity. They’re curious about what the event is for, and interested in finding out whether any grilled food is for sale and whether soft drinks or beer might be on hand. They get closer and see that the occasion is intended to raise funds for a local humane society, homeless shelter or scholarship fund. That makes them even more inclined to buy some food and stroll around the grounds. They might call a friend who lives in the area and invite that person over as well. … Read More

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