June 2021

Celsius Pay and get paid with crypto


With the discovery and creation of the idea of Cryptocurrency, a huge revolution happened in the sphere of financial management and services. Many companies and platforms started to invest in crypto and some others began to provide the necessary services for this goal. However the number of online platforms that are providing users with the services that are linked to crypto are high but there are still some platforms that are offering some unique services. In this short article, we will try to write about Celsius, its services and unique ideas about cryptocurrencies.  Continue reading this.

Celsius Pay & Get Paid

The idea of crypto came with the fast speed and necessary speed in place of traditional ways. Celsius lets users send and receive crypto directly from their Celsius mobile app and totally in online format. With secure link or text and without silly fees, customers will be able to send a payment to another person and also with receiving a payment from another person, users will earn rewards from the platform. Additionally, Celsius enables direct transactions from user to user and all that with some quick taps on the phone. First users will need to choose a recipient, next choose the coin and amount, then add a note and send. This is a way how cryptocurrency can move as fast as possible and as simple as it looks like with this online platform. Should be noted that the Celsius special mobile app, currently available for both android and iOs users and customers easily and without any fees can download and open the account in this online platform.

Celsius Token & Rewards

Addition to all services and features that are mentioned above, Celsius Token is giving a special opportunity for customers to have higher rates when they are earning and lower rates in case of loans. If users choose to earn a weekly reward by Celsius Token, they will be able to receive up to 25{696266a744687e723e82fc894f2f7c385cf9e737fafc5d7ded00386e8d4da722} more rewards on all their deposits of non CEL coins. Also if customers pay their interest on their loans by CEL Token, they will be able to have up to 30{696266a744687e723e82fc894f2f7c385cf9e737fafc5d7ded00386e8d4da722} discounts on all their interest payments. Should be noted that the institutions that are borrowing coins profit from paying their interests with CEL, can also have up to 30{696266a744687e723e82fc894f2f7c385cf9e737fafc5d7ded00386e8d4da722} discounts on their interest payments. Worthy to say that with different Celsius loyalty Tiers, customers will receive and get different amounts of discounts, rewards and bonuses. The plans consist of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Definitely, currently there are so many different online platforms that are available and active in the case of Crypto and financial services. However Celsius, with all mentioned services and possibilities, can be counted as one of the best online platforms in this sphere that made life more modern and simple for users around the world.

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