September 2018

4 Critical Questions You Must Answer Before Starting an Online Shop

4 Critical Questions You Must Answer Before Starting an Online Shop

Starting an online shop is exciting, and if you’re thinking about doing it, you’ve probably read tons of success stories online about people who make six figures from their shop. Maybe those stories are what inspired you to quit your 9-to-5 job and start your own business in the first place. That makes the whole process even more exciting. I mean, you could be the next big eCommerce success story and rake in 5 or 6 figures every year from your store! But to reach that level of success, you’ll need to create a strategic plan. Start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

Is there a market for the product I want to sell?

It’s common sense to make sure a group of people is going to want your product before you start producing it. Yet, lots of ecommerce store owners skip this step and find their sales disappointing as a result. Don’t be like them – make sure you know that there’s a market for what you’re selling before you spend time (and money) creating a shop, building a brand, and producing products.

You don’t even need to have a huge market – as long as some group of people is highly likely to purchase your product, that’s a good sign. And that brings me to the next question you’ve got to ask yourself before you open an online store.

Who is my target audience, and how will I build a brand that appeals to them?

You can’t succeed in business without defining your target audience — it just won’t work. Why? Because you need to know which people your products and marketing efforts should appeal to if you want badass sales results. It’s as simple as that. Keep in mind that you don’t need to appeal to tons of people. If you want, you can go niche with your shop and create a unique product that only appeals to a small group of people, and that small group of people will be attracted to your shop like flies to honey.

There’s no point having endless unproductive meetings deciding these things, but think it over, make a decision and own it.

Do I have the means to create my product consistently?

Let me explain what I mean here with a quick personal story. Several years ago, I opened up an ecommerce store where I sold bows and headbands. To create my products, I needed to sit down and sew every day. The problem with that? I had literally just learned how to sew when I opened my shop. I wasn’t good at it, so it took me forever just to make one product, and I didn’t like doing it… at all. So, guess what happened? That’s right – I shut down my shop because I didn’t have the means (or the willpower) to create my products consistently, even though they were selling.

Learn from my mistake, and create products that you are willing to make on a consistent basis … Read More

Why You Should Hire A Remote Bookkeeper or Accountant

Why You Should Hire A Remote Bookkeeper or Accountant

When you have a business, you will most likely need someone to do your accounting and bookkeeping for you. While you can try to do this yourself, you probably just don’t have the time to do an adequate job or the experience needed to do it accurately. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire someone full time to take care of these tasks for you. There are some benefits to outsourcing and hiring a remote accountant or bookkeeper.

It’s Cheaper

As with most business you probably want to find a way to save some money. When you hire an accountant or bookkeeper through a company like you can save some money. You can utilize them just for the services that you need. There’s no need to pay for things like insurance benefits, paid time off or even bonuses. You will find that hiring a remote accountant or bookkeeper can save you a lot of money.

No Need to Find Additional Office Space

Each person in your office needs their own space. When you hire someone to do work remotely, you don’t have to worry about this. You won’t have to provide them with their own office or expensive equipment like a computer and a printer. If you are short on office space or just don’t have the extra funds to purchase equipment that an accountant or bookkeeper would need, you can greatly benefit from hiring someone to do this work remotely for you.

Can Easily Be Replaced

Let’s face it, not all employees will work out. Very early on you may discover that an employee just isn’t meeting your needs, but you feel uncomfortable about firing them so quickly. When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping needs and hire someone remotely, you can avoid this. Since they are just working for your company and not at it, you will find that it is a lot easier to just not utilize their services in the future. There is no awkward meeting where you have to sit down with one another and let them know that you are firing them.

Highly Qualified

One of the great things about hiring a remote accountant or bookkeeper is that they tend to be highly qualified. They often will have worked for a variety of companies and will bring with them a large skill set. Even if your accounting and bookkeeping needs are unique, there’s a good chance that they have been in similar situations in the past.

In conclusion, there are quite a few benefits to outsourcing and hiring someone remotely to take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. It’s often cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, you can easily replace them if you need to and you will find that most individuals are highly qualified. This is a great solution for both your short-term and long-term bookkeeping and accounting needs.… Read More

Here Is Why Digital Signage Is Essential in Your Dental Office

Here Is Why Digital Signage Is Essential in Your Dental Office

The use of digital signage in workplaces is booming, with signage solutions companies designing new software to aid in digital marketing. In the past, tech giants and huge companies like Google, Facebook, and Bloomberg were the only companies using the technology owing to its significant operational expenses. However, smaller businesses are adopting dental office due to the reduced cost of using the technology. As a result, this technique is standard across the business spectrum, and it is one of the critical elements of digital marketing.

In the area of dental health, offices are using digital displays as part of their dental office marketing technique. The technique uses TV screens that display customizable content to the viewers. But it is not home TV viewers; it is your clients. If you are planning to rump up your customers’ engagement or make your dental office a part of the technological transformation, here are ways digital signs displaying is critical to your business.

Displaying Your Impressive Ratings

At times, it might be hard to settle your clients’ worries, precisely, when they are new to your office. They will have doubts about your medical capabilities and general impression despite your qualification. One of the ways to showcase your capabilities or impress visitors is to display your reviews and ratings on the screens digitally. In fact, customers write reviews as a result of reading other people’s review and your general impression. Utilize this technique to build your reputation and gain more customers.

Promoting Your Social Networks

With the increasing usage of social media in marketing, it is no longer critical to stress more on the power of social media. If you have challenges to promote your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your professional LinkedIn account, or personal website, digital displaying is the solution. Interestingly, you can set a unique hashtag and raise its popularity among clients. With time, prospective customers will be engaging with you, thereby, raising your status.

Entertaining Patients

It is true that magazines, journals, newspapers can keep your clients engaged. But are they effective methods of entertaining? In as much as these resources can be entertaining, some visitors would rarely use them – occasionally, they would turn into their phones to watch videos or engage in social media. Thus, it is essential to increase the options for entertaining visitors, and software signage is an excellent option.

Promoting Dental Services

Digital marketing eliminates the advertising costs that follow paper signage. With digital signage software, you can promote the latest offers or promotions to customers. Besides, it saves the time you would take briefing new visitors on your services. However, the advantage of digital displaying doesn’t stop with the business promotion. You can use it to educate your customers on general hygiene, scheduling medical appointments, and dental health tips.

Final Thought

Remaining productive in the modern era tech space requires adaptation to digital software and techniques. As businesses across the globe are utilizing digital signage, it is imperative to carry your dental enterprise along with these developments. … Read More

Do You Know Where Your Meds Have Been?

Do You Know Where Your Meds Have Been?

There is nothing new about the massive efforts of managing drug distribution, which mankind has engaged in, since the dawn of the pharmaceutical industry; or is there? The effort itself has been, and is now, herculean. However, the digital revolution has given rise to techniques and protocols and brand spanking new ways of managing the distribution of this lifesaving product: The software solution for tracking and tracing critical shipments.

Pharmaceutical history itself is extensive. It may be safe to say that since the early days of pharmaceutical manufacturing, getting important medicines to their destinations has been a difficult task. Those engaged in such commerce are well aware of all the variables, both devious and accidental, when delivering valuable pharmaceuticals. Taking the astonishing digital revolution into consideration, if follows that a brilliant binary solution to tracking parcels would eventually emerge, and so it has. From the quintessential inked signature, to near real time tracking and verifying of deliveries, technology has given the pharmaceutical industry a golden egg.

If you are seeking such a solution for tracking and tracing pharmaceutical shipments, it stands to reason that you know more than most what is involved. Therefore, listing the myriad details of the software functionality would be moot. What’s more, as a client of such software companies, your input for software design possibilities will most likely be taken into account by the experts who develop the more comprehensive solutions. Software development is singularly unique in this sort of back and forth input for development of seemingly living and growing programs. What a wonderful age we all live in.

Furthermore, the digital methods for tracking and tracing may just become the industry norm. There are also cloud computing options built right in for more extensive functionality and technical support. Software seems to have driven industry to new levels.

The brilliant software available for such a track and trace system is very powerful. We all seem to take the digital revolution for granted these days, but people of a certain age know full well how staggering the changes have been, and how quickly they have evolved. Software, and the highly creative developers who create such programs, are leading the way into a future of incredibly accurate and detailed data for this very important industry. Many of the developers themselves have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and they have included specialized functionality which is very specific to the manufacturing and delivery of medicine.

We all know how important medicine is. It can literally mean the difference between life and death. This is a harsh but true reality. There is no room for error when it comes to life saving medicine and cutting corners in any regard is not an option. Very careful considerations must go into each and every decision. The developers of track and trace programs know this and take it very seriously. From the manufacturing floor to each and every patient, every step will be safe and secure.… Read More

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