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What are the Various Efforts that Protect Our Wildlife

There is a cause that aims to protect wild plants and animals and their habitats, and this is called wildlife conservation. It is the goal of wildlife conservation to make sure that nature will be present for the enjoyment of future generations, and to realize the importance of wilderness for both humans and species alike.

Factors like habitat loss, climate change, poaching, and pollution are threatening and endangering species all around the globe. It is very unfortunate to hear that we lost a single species, how much more knowing that we lose an estimated 10,000 species to extinction every year. It is a fact that while we know about the well-known endangered animals in the US such as the Alaska grey wolf, American bison and the Florida manatee, there are other large numbers of undiscovered species that are becoming extinct without us being aware of. It should come to everybody’s knowledge that species extinctions can throw our ecosystem off balance, plus it can impact our food system, economy and can eliminate our breakthroughs in the science and medical fields.

There is an interconnectedness and interdependence among all species in an ecosystem, and if one is eliminated, it can have a drastic and sudden effects on the remaining species. In the earth’s long history, it was recorded that there are five mass extinctions that are known, and now, scientists are saying that humans are creating the sixth mass extinction. The legal and illegal trade in species that are at endangered risks, habitats that are destroyed because of expanding cities, and climate change due to human driven activities. It is unfortunate that many animals cannot adapt to the rapid changes.
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Several strong trends about wildlife protection are happening today, and thankfully, some endangered species are off the list because of this protectionism, like the North American grey wolf and a specific species of gorilla in Africa.
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Nowadays, mankind’s travels is one of the biggest challenges that we face because of it is the vehicle of transport of foreign species from their natural habitat to a place where they should not be.

We have so much wonders in our world of wildlife species and most of us think that there a lot of them out there, but the truth is that some of these wildlife are dwindling, and we do not do something about it, they could go into extinction. As more and more preservation programs are organized, we come to an assurance that these wildlife animals will be protected, plus with a proper public awareness, there will be proper management of our natural resources. The trends now that will inform and encourage people to study and address the challenges facing our wildlife and its preservation are a comfort to ensure that our nature will be around for the next generations to come.