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Celsius Pay and get paid with crypto


With the discovery and creation of the idea of Cryptocurrency, a huge revolution happened in the sphere of financial management and services. Many companies and platforms started to invest in crypto and some others began to provide the necessary services for this goal. However the number of online platforms that are providing users with the services that are linked to crypto are high but there are still some platforms that are offering some unique services. In this short article, we will try to write about Celsius, its services and unique ideas about cryptocurrencies.  Continue reading this.

Celsius Pay & Get Paid

The idea of crypto came with the fast speed and necessary speed in place of traditional ways. Celsius lets users send and receive crypto directly from their Celsius mobile app and totally in online format. With secure link or text and without silly fees, customers will be able to send a payment to another person and also with receiving a payment from another person, users will earn rewards from the platform. Additionally, Celsius enables direct transactions from user to user and all that with some quick taps on the phone. First users will need to choose a recipient, next choose the coin and amount, then add a note and send. This is a way how cryptocurrency can move as fast as possible and as simple as it looks like with this online platform. Should be noted that the Celsius special mobile app, currently available for both android and iOs users and customers easily and without any fees can download and open the account in this online platform.

Celsius Token & Rewards

Addition to all services and features that are mentioned above, Celsius Token is giving a special opportunity for customers to have higher rates when they are earning and lower rates in case of loans. If users choose to earn a weekly reward by Celsius Token, they will be able to receive up to 25% more rewards on all their deposits of non CEL coins. Also if customers pay their interest on their loans by CEL Token, they will be able to have up to 30% discounts on all their interest payments. Should be noted that the institutions that are borrowing coins profit from paying their interests with CEL, can also have up to 30% discounts on their interest payments. Worthy to say that with different Celsius loyalty Tiers, customers will receive and get different amounts of discounts, rewards and bonuses. The plans consist of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Definitely, currently there are so many different online platforms that are available and active in the case of Crypto and financial services. However Celsius, with all mentioned services and possibilities, can be counted as one of the best online platforms in this sphere that made life more modern and simple for users around the world.

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Master Trade Management Techniques for Better Outcomes

Proper trade management can provide good results by minimizing the risk. Trade management includes finding a set-up, executing entry, exit points, deciding the allocation size, and so on. To manage the business properly, people are required to maintain discipline, gather adequate knowledge about the stock’s behavior, and apply appropriate techniques. Most of the investors face problems determining the entry and exit points. Two sentimental components, namely the fear and greed of investors, vastly inhibit the decision-making during trade executions. Sometimes, new Aussie traders cannot allocate the position size properly which can lead to them blowing their accounts. There are some strategies that will help traders to get good sequels.

Scaling In and Out Position

As a result of being afraid of losing money, investors are not able to open the trade at the right time. As
a consequence, they do late entries and lose the money. By implementing the scalping
strategy, traders do not have to depend on only on the market timing for both
the entry and exit points. This method is applicable to both of these signals.

Decide Total Position Size Fast

Scaling first requires
deciding the volume of the position depending on the position of the set-up,
then cracking the volume into various pieces that can help to develop the
traders’ average value on the position. For example, if a person’s goal is a
1,000-share position, then he or she may break up the volume with limit orders
or 400, 300 and 300 shares based on how excessive buying the stock is at the
momentum. This needs to integrate a momentum technical instruments such as a
stochastic, RSI, or Moving Average. By scaling the trade, it allows time for
the person to decide if the trade set-up is failing and enables the use of easier
stop-losses and smaller losses in the event that the trade does not win.

Apply Trailing Stops

Investors usually
focus only on the significant upside of trade while lessening the probability
of downside. This can result in getting bushwhacked when the set-up design
breaks or back heatedly. Therefore, a trailing stop must consistently be
applied to trades, ideally manually. Most platforms now also enable automated
trail stops. This order is mainly set for returns and losses. The goal is to
reduce risk by reducing the position.  New
Aussie traders should sign up for a free trial at Saxo and learn the proper use of the trailing stops with
zero risk.

Value Indicator-Based Stops

The volume of the
trailing stop order must take into consideration the formal jiggle chamber and
the concealing support and resistance levels. For instance, when a stock is up
trending with the 5-period simple moving average straggling 20-cents behind and
tends to wiggle 10-cents, investors could set a trailing stop at 15-cents under
the 5-period of the moving average or if the 5-minute stochastic oscillation
crosses climb down. If anyone desires to widen the trailing stop to correspond
with the 15-minute uptrend, then he or she could sell half … Read More

Fast-Paced Growth of E-Cigarettes in the Market

The electronic cigarette has grown tremendously in the past few decades and will continue to grow more in the coming ones. The new users of e-cigarettes have all but grown almost twice the size of traditional smokers. Many people are aware of the workings of the electronic cigarettes , that is why either they opt for vaping in the start or shift from smoking to vaping.            

The global
E-Cigarette market states in research that electronic cigarettes are bound to
grow around 22{aa5b48d30a6ef5a06af05fc9e89b561eedc72c0c1961db5f7b70b05acc9836dd} yearly between the years of 2020 till 2025. That report shows
the immense growth rate of e-cigarettes in the market and how successful this
industry can become. There are several different reasons because of which this
industry is thriving off.

In this
article, we will discuss the factors based on which this entire industry is
growing so well in the global market of similar products.

Stable Online

internet, web, online sites, and sources are very stable and solid when it
comes to advertising electronic cigarettes. It is not a piece of shocking news
that many websites promote e-cigarettes better than other products and smoking
devices. Many users get to experience or first, think of trying e-cigarettes
because of the advertisements they saw online and how they are presented to be
less harmful than actually smoking and far cheaper as well. Many advertisers
and promoters offer coupons and even sale and discount codes for their
followers. Also, the showcasing of flavors Vape
Juice NZ
online attracts
many people who would love to vape but are scared of the bad flavors, and the
remnant odors. 

More reliable and Accessible

Smoking is
not in the trends now, and everybody is well aware of that. While some people
still refuse to break this unhealthy and extremely harmful habit, many have
turned away from it, and either left the entire smoking thing, or they have
started vaping. The e-cigarette devices, on the whole, are very small and
fun-sized. They can be held in our hands without much of a problem. 

devices also come in extremely exotic and great designs and styles. There are
also multiple modes of electronic cigarettes, and the user can change the mod
according to their own style. Since they are so small, they can be easily taken
with the user, anywhere. Many parts of the vaping pens are customizable
according to the taste and style of the user. So, this variety of options
attracts many customers and people, in general towards vaping. 

Protected and Improved

Electronic Cigarettes
offers a variety of benefits that are both safes than a traditional cigarette
and are far improved from it as well. One of the best features of vaping is
that the user can control the levels of nicotine in the e-liquid. That is a
very great option since many new users love to try vaping without nicotine
involved, and this also makes vaping less harmful and addictive. 

All in all,
the industry of electronic cigarettes has been … Read More

Keys to Success in a Brand New Home Based Business

To accomplish great success in a new or any home based business isn’t about some complicated strategy… it is rather simple, and the keys to success in a brand new home based business I outline below, if adopted, can lead you down the path of monetary transformation in your network marketing business as soon as you start.

It’s common for brand new work-at- home business proprietors to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they’re just getting started. Everybody has struggles with their home business at one time and experiences a time of doubt, however with these keys to success you will be able to remain on track.

1. Be Committed: Your choice to begin a brand new Home Based Business is not something that needs to be taken gently. Being an entrepreneur dealing with a business of your own, and giving 100 of your efforts is the only method to become successful. While you will see occasions in which you may doubt the reason why you ever began an online business in the first place, but if you concentrate on learning your profession and makes it your ultimate goal to do all you can to achieve success, you’ll be fine.

2. Be Willing To Invest In Your Business: If you wish to earn significant earnings in your home-based business, you should realize that for your business to develop in a rapid pace, you’ve got to be willing to invest in yourself as well as your business. Building your business with free techniques may end up costing you in the long run. Find out the knowledge you need to acquire to improve your business and start learning those skills at once, also find out the amount required for smooth running of your business and provide that also. Don’t make mistakes beginners always make by building their online Network marketing business with FREE methods.

3. Prepare a Success Plan: There’s no get rich quick when it involves creating a lasting and profitable business. Preparing a regular routine that keeps you on track and centered on income producing activities is paramount to your success. You simply have 24 hours per day – and individuals who use their work hours sensibly begin to see the utmost success. Therefore replace non-income producing habits with ones that will increase your profits.

4. Attend Company Events and Trainings: Provide your business an opportunity to expand and also grow by attending events, not just company events, but industry events and trainings. Events are a good spot to learn most of the fundamental business building concepts that may increase your earnings rapidly. Events will also be good for networking and developing close ties with other business owners like you.

5. Be Realistic: Understand from inception that not all prospect will join you in your business, knowing this from beginning will help you stay focus… all you need to do is make yourself a leader of value that everyone that is interested in home base business want to work with. People … Read More

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